• But, first let me take you through an overview of this area. Multiple options here enable you to tap into the venues that are favored by most people, like the famous Biscuits and Blues.

    I also still had the option of tasting the city's offerings by going to places, such as Bottom of the Hill which is a very popular Rock music venue.

    While many local music scenes are clustered in the Oakland area, I would like to let you know that there are a host of many other terrific venues all over San Francisco to listen to live music.

  • Francisco is legendary for the Italian cuisines of North Beach, the Chinese fares of Chinatown, and the Latino foods of the Mission. But, I found the magical musical offerings to be just as delicious. In fact, the sounds of the city are indeed as eclectic as the neighborhoods and the restaurants.

    Whether you are in the mood for pop, rock, classical, reggae or country, this is a city huge enough to invite world-renowned acts and still small enough to have back-room bars where locals can chant to their hearts pleasure. Whatever kind of music turns you on; I promise my San Francisco/Oakland list will help you find it easily.

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Bimbo's 365 Club

This San Francisco mainstay, still embraces grand 1940s style like in the days when Hayworth used to kick up things as chorus girl. My night here was marked by unique artists, and the place featured everything from big band tunes to the best in local jazz and hot pop acts like Jewell and Chris Isaak.

Of course I didn’t come here all by myself. I had my girlfriend Kate accompany me and you can guess that the adventure was now even more fun. I called Bimbo’s for ticket prices and show schedules because we didn’t want to miss the incarnation of the famous "Girl in the Fishbowl!" by Dolfina.


Yeah! Slim’s was the second place that Kate and I visited that night. Located at the heart of Oakland, Slims turned to be a roller coaster of great rock 'n roll. We made a point to catch a top-notch live act that was happening there, and a number of popular local bands were also in the house.

The first floor featured a stage and big dance floor; whereas the upper level offered a small balcony for us to watch guitarists and drummers do their thing.

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Bimbo’s is Big enough

And, Bimbo's didn’t miss a beat with the current cocktail craze that is going on in the city of San Francisco. Kate and I like our music with a superbly made drink, and that’s why we headed to Bimbo's first.

Bimbo’s is big enough to and something for all of us who were in there. We needed a drink and that’s why we chose to join them for their Happy Hour session that usually starts 4 to 7. They had great live shows and the popular DJ spinning kept us dancing all through till we decided to move on to the next venue. I consider Bimbo’s as one of the best venues to kick-start your night of fun in San Francisco. It is a cool place that I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again and again.

Reggae, rock, hip-hop, jazz and Latin music kept the audience alive all night. Dining and menu was also available, but we chose to only take bottle of cold wine just to keep ourselves energized. Slim's had been recommended to us by a friend who had previously gone there and so we chose to test the waters. Everything was fine and the feeling of being at the heart of Oakland made us even more excited because we had always longed to visit the place

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  • The decor available here hearkens back to the old amazing days of the California Gold-Rush, and the 2-level venue provides dancing on the 1st floor and a bar with a dining menu on the 2nd floor. What made Bottom of the Hill club even more unique to us was its ability to feel like both an intimate venue and a big-time concert hall.
  • This club is indeed a standout in a city filled with amazing clubs. Its intimate environment continues to attract a host of hip-hop folks, and the place also reverberates with the great and tunes of alternative as well as live rock music. In fact, regional, local and international artists shock the enthusiastic crowd with their rolling stone sounds that brazed in the air all night.
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